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Matthias Urlichs smurf at
Thu Feb 25 11:16:54 CET 1999


Werner Koch:
> > How can I select the keyring where newly imported keys will go?
> What about: the last keyring specified is used.  Order is: default
> keyrings, keyrings from options, keyrings from the command line.
I'd like to have an option to always add the key to the keyring specified
on the command line, even if it already is on one of the others.

[ Looking through the manpage ] Oh, there is a no-default-keyring option,
how nice -- hmmm, but that only turns off the builtin keyring, not the one
in the options file.

Oh yes, and if I have more than one keyring, how about defaulting to the
ring which has the most signature matches? I.e., I might have a private and
a company keyring in my options file, and when I import the key  of our
newest coworker gpg would notice that it's signed by some of the keys on
the company ring, and automatically save it there.

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