Dynamically linked modules on FreeBSD 3.0

David Pick D.M.Pick at qmw.ac.uk
Wed Jan 6 17:50:21 CET 1999

I recently built GnuPG 0.9.0 on a FreeBSD 3.0 machine and tried to use
the dynamically linked modules. They didn't work. I had to rebuild
and, after running "configure", modify the header file "config.h" to
remove the #define line for DLSYM_NEEDS_UNDERSCORE, leaving it undefined.
This causes it to look for the symbols without a preceeding underscore
after dynamically loading a module.

FreeBSD 3.0 uses "ELF" as the default binary program format where the
earlier versions used "a.out". In fact, FreeBSD 3.0 can be set up to
use either format, but the standard choice is ELF. I suspect that the
"configure" script needs a little tarting up to determine which flavour
of binary program is being used and then decide if DLSYM_NEEDS_UNDERSCORE
should be set ot not. I note that the system type reported by configure
is "i386-unknown-freebsd3.0-elf" rather than "i386-unknown-freebsdx.x",
and that "dlopen" is not in "-ldl" but is in "-lc".

	David Pick

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