importing RSA keys

David Pick D.M.Pick at
Wed Jan 6 17:55:45 CET 1999

After getting GnuPG built and using dynamically loaded modules (see my
other message on this!) I compiled the RSA and IDEA modules and tried
to import some PGP2.6 keys. I got ereror messages similar to those
received by other people and reported to this list, about keys not
being imported because they didn't have valid signatures. Since I
didn't have a large keyring, I tried simply copying and renaming
the PGP 2.6 keyring files into the ".gnupg" directory. I *was*
then able to use the keys, and successfully decrypted files
generated by PGP 2.6 and encrypted files that were successfully
decrypted by PGP 2.6.

I had tried importing both a file of keys exported by PGP 2.6 and the
actual PGP 2.6 keyrings into GnuPG and the results were the same. But
just *using* the keyrings (and rebuilding the trust database) worked.

	David Pick

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