support for other (non-english) language

Darren Wyn Rees merlin at
Thu Jan 7 17:22:43 CET 1999

does GPG support any languages other than english?
using pgp, i'm able to define an alternative 
language for help messages, error messages etc.

(i'm using GPG ver. 0.9.0; and i've read the man 
pages, option file, visited the website, searched
the searchable places... please re-direct me
to a more appropriate forum if this is not a
suitable question for this list).

if GPG doesn't support alt. 'language files',
what is the likelihood that this may happen
in future?

i appreciate that there may be more important
issues to deal with in developing GPG at
present, and acknowledge i'm new to using the

Darren Wyn Rees       The Welsh Verb Emporium

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