RSA replacement by Irish girl

brian j. pardy posterkid at
Thu Jan 14 15:28:06 CET 1999

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Matthias Urlichs wrote:

> NB: speaking of GPG additions, has somebody written IDEA and/or RSA modules
> for it? (Yes I do know it's heretical and all, but I really do want to use
> GPG to verify Netnews cancel messages, and they're sent with oldstyle PGP
> signatures...)

See <URL:>.  I'm not aware
if usage in the USA is allowed, but everything I hear seems to point to it 
not being a problem outside of .us.  The sample code seems usable.

IANAL, of course.

BTW, if this isn't offtopic, has anyone been able to create signatures 
using GPG and those modules that pgp2 can read?  I can successfully 
encrypt to an RSA public key and then decrypt with pgp2, but no luck
on a verifiable signature when signing with my old RSA key.

<> for DSA/ElG-E/RSA keys
DSA 0x0A641AA5:0B1E 37B7 ECCB FC96 B6C6  7242 0A59 F8D5 EFA9 4F81
RSA 0x4E65C321: 42 57 B3 D2 39 8E 74 C3  5E 4D AC 43 25 D2 26 D4

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