BSD/OS 3.1 problems

Max Inux maxinux at
Sun Jan 17 12:30:03 CET 1999

On Sun, 17 Jan 1999, Werner Koch wrote:
>Any suggestions?
>  Werner

Yeh, in BSDi 3.1 he is skrewed, BSDi was the LAST company to switch to ELF
from a.out, which menas no dynamic loading tables.  Basically BSDi is a
shit operating system (Re-word:  BSDi 3.1 was a piece of shit, just like
2.0 was, I dont know about 4.0, never used it, have it around here
somewhere though..) 

I was bored and wanted a company IRC server so I tried compiling ircd+TH
on BSDi 2.0  / 3.1 (we upgraded in the middle of it), god damn, that was a
bitch.  Two weeks later i got it done, but that was alot of work to get
something to compile that compiles on _anything_ else in a few minutes.

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