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Sun Jan 17 22:00:29 CET 1999


Werner Koch:
> You should be able to use any of the keyservers which accept PGP 5
> keys.  But use the --export command of gpg as this makes sure that
> only OpenPGP conforming stuff gets exported.
... I just looked at the code -- this looks like it exports only RSA keys.
That seems not to be too useful...??? or did I miss something?

NB, re extensions -- PGP for Windows supports attaching a picture to a
signature, AFAIK. Any idea how that is done? I'd like gpg support for it.

NB2, the status-fd code reports RSA_OR_IDEA even if somebody has hacked
support for these into gpg. Is that intentional?

>   wwwkeys.{eu,us}.net.pgp
??? That doesn't even remotely resemble a domain name or an URL...

> Next release will have some integrated support for these HKP servers.

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