trust? (Re: Newbie qusetions)

Thomas Roessler roessler at
Fri Jan 22 18:37:56 CET 1999

On 1999-01-21 20:39:53 +0100, Werner Koch wrote:

> If you start a name with a "+" all the words in the name must be in
> a user id to match it.  I think that is what the HKP server also
> does.  To implement a OR predicate simply pass more than one user
> id on the commandline.

Fine.  I have done some work on mutt so it gives gpg reasonable
hints about the keys it wants to see.  The code is in mutt's CVS

Anyway, I'm getting more and more confused about the trust model of
gpg.  All over the code, I'm finding remarks about the trust into a
particular key.  But that's just some kind of "weight" which should
be used when calculating the more interesting trust information,
namely the trust we have into a particular association between a
user ID and a public key - after all, that's the trust information
which measures a message's authentity or confidentiality.

(BTW, I don't see any way to get this information out of gpg, should
it be present - and it's the trust information I need from within

But then again, I may just miss some point.  (Hopefully...)

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