Build problems with 0.9.2 (was: g10/import.c URI patch for 0.9.2)

Steven Bakker steven at
Wed Jan 27 09:31:12 CET 1999

>>>>> On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, "JR" == Jordan Ritter wrote:

  JR> I also came across some weirdness in the make [dist]clean rule for
  JR> the stuff in 'intl/'.  I commented out the libintl.h rule and that
  JR> seemed to fix it.

I found the same problem.  Haven't investigated too much, but is this a 
platform specific problem (like, Solaris), or common to all builds?

Similarly, I noticed that the generated makefile on a Solaris 7 machine
no longer adds the "-lsocket -lresolv" mantra when linking.  To my
recollection, 0.9.1 did add it.  Is this also happening on earlier Solaris
versions, or is it simply that autoconf doesn't recognise Solaris 7 as

(Anyway, it's easy to fix by hand in g10/Makefile.)


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