Build problems with 0.9.2

Jordan Ritter jpr5 at
Wed Jan 27 07:39:50 CET 1999

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Steven Bakker wrote:

> I found the same problem.  Haven't investigated too much, but is this
> a platform specific problem (like, Solaris), or common to all builds?

I should check on the FreeBSD box today.  I was developing on a Linux box,
and my FreeBSD box built without any problems, but that was after I
applied my little patch.  I also noticed an autoconf error fly right by,
but I absolutely forgot to investigate it..

On another note, I haven't had a chance to read completely through the
list archives, so maybe someone can direct me to an URL if it's already
been discussed, but has anyone had problems with gpg integration with Pine

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out the correct display-filters and
sending-filters settings, so that's not the issue.  Taking the example of
signature verification, if I view a PGP signed message in Pine (4.05) on
one of my Linux boxen, everything seems to operate as advertised; I see
the original message, minus '---- BEGIN' erratum and signature, with 'Good
signature.*' or 'BAD signature.*' and related messages.  However, if I use
it on a FreeBSD box, everything disappears -- the window is blank except
for the header.  Similarly, if I try to decrypt a message, it actually
returns some error and won't even complete without error.  (Working from
the command prompt, however, verifies that gpg works as advertised.)

I figure this is not gpg's fault, after quickly scanning log_info().  I'm
pretty sure this is a Pine issue.  Not having yet had time to pull down
the Pine source and hack around with it, I was curious -- has anyone else
had similar problems?


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