[gnupg] trustdb problems, con't

Thomas Roessler roessler at guug.de
Wed Jan 27 15:58:22 CET 1999

On 1999-01-27 06:47:46 -0800, Germano Caronni wrote:

> I fully agree with Thomas, but on an even more principal level. If
> you divert in your trust model from the standard PGP behaviour,
> then this should be clearly shown to the user. Otherwise he will
> handle your trust values as he handles PGP trust values -- which is
> not correct, as Thomas shows in his example.

Actually, there is one more problem with this.  Users will have to
rely on trust parameters when selecting public keys, see mutt's key
selection menu for an example.

With gpg's approach, the validity parameters for different user IDs
are accumulated into validity parameter for the key, and then
transferred into the user ID which is represented in the "pub:" line
of gpg's key list.  This will lead to wrong conclusions about the
validity of a particular (key, id) association.

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