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Richard Lynch lynch at
Thu Jan 28 14:03:11 CET 1999

I'm a pretty good idiot user... :-)

Sign me up for "review manual and ask stupid questions that lead to more
complete explanations".

I don't really care which format, but it might make sense to have several
formats derived from a common source, with somebody to volunteer for each
format to "clean up" after each re-publication.  I don't even know what
that GNU thing is, by the way... but suspect it wouldn't be too useful to
your average Windows or Mac user who wants to use gpg with their e-mail

Make the docs open-source as well, with CVS.  Even better, for non-hackers
who can't figure out CSV, perhaps a feature like "Add Note".
Any web surfer can add a note to ask about a piece of the docs they don't
understand, and more knowledgable surfers add notes explaining in more
detail, or examples, or point out weird cases that need to be documented.
The PHP documentation team regularly goes through and incorporates,
discards, reworks, etc the manual based on the online notes.  The good
thing is, the notes are visible in the meantime, and they are generally
placed by users in the appropriate section of the manual, so the editing
nightmare of keeping suggestions organized is much easier.

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