Jeffrey Thompson jeffrey at
Thu Jan 28 17:47:12 CET 1999

I agree with Matthew.  The best approach is to offer multiple documentation
formats.  Each document platform/technology offers advantages (and
disadvantages) over other platforms. 

I prefer PDF because I like the eletronic book approach it takes (WYSIWIG).  It
preserves everything in the presentation, including nice illustrations that can
really clarify some hard-to-grasp technical concept like encryption.

I would still like to volunteer to provide the PDF [nicely illustrated :-) ]
version of the manual (ie, electronic book).  

It seems to me that we could coordinate the documentation with each release of
the software (or at least with each major release).

Jeffrey Thompson

> Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 13:35:23 -0600 (EST) 
> From: "Matthew M. Copeland" <dyelar at> 
> I think that I like this last option best. The ability to distribute a 
> file in mutliple formats that are easily readable is probably the best 
> idea. 

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