GPG use of PGP keys?

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Fri Jan 29 17:33:34 CET 1999

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"h" == homega  <homega at> writes:

h> I'm not sure whether this list is for discussion on the usage of gpg (I
h> thought so, but it looks like if just documentation development is discussed
h> on list).  If it's not, will you excuse me for posting this message and
h> point me to the right place?

It is primarilly a developers/testers list.  The c.s.pgp newsgroups are
probably better for general discussion.

As for key portability, maybe.  The DSA keys I made with Unix PGP 5.0
(actually the 5.0i code base) work just fine in GPG.  The trick is to do
ASCII exports of both your public and secret keys, and then import them
into GPG.  Werner's GPG web site has a document that goes into detail.
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