GnuPG and Tin

Gabor Z. Papp gzp at
Thu Jul 1 17:21:02 CEST 1999

Hi all,

I need help integraring gnupg and tin, so I'm looking for a programmer who can
help me with editing tin's pgp support to support gnupg. Please contact me in
private mail, when you can help me.

BTW, tin's pgp support seems very buggy, and pgpgpg not supported due these
problems. A simple problem; signing the article with pgp2, using pgp as a
script, that countains only echo $0 $1 $2 $3... >/tmp/tin-output
After signing the article, the tin-output file show this:
/usr/bin/pgp -ats /tmp/article -u gzp at -ats0
What is this -ats0 at the end??? I'm not sure about the 'ats' string, but the
problem is that at the end of commandline once more presented the string with
a zero at the end.

Gabor from Budapest, still not on the lists, please cc to me.

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