Signing (with) old pgp 2 keys

Ralph Niere niere at
Wed Jul 14 19:20:18 CEST 1999


until now I was using pgp 2.6.3i but I considered switching oder to gnupg.
There's only one thing that keeps me from changing. I have a lot of people
who correspond with me and only know my old PGP2 key. So there's two
possibilities for me to solve my problem:

a) is it possible to sign my new key with my old one? I wasn't able to
   accomplish that - even though I have the rsaref lib installed (and I 
   can check pgp2 sigs, so it seems to work)
b) can I force gnupg to sign mails so that the signature can be understood
   by PGP2?

Thanks in advance, Ralph
Ralph Niere                                  Phone: ++49 6241 955 174
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Worms, Germany

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