Signing (with) old pgp 2 keys

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Wed Jul 14 14:17:38 CEST 1999

On Jul 14,  6:20pm, Ralph Niere wrote:
> a) is it possible to sign my new key with my old one? I wasn't able to
>    accomplish that - even though I have the rsaref lib installed (and I 
>    can check pgp2 sigs, so it seems to work)

It just worked for me when I tried.  I used --default-key to select my
RSA key and used --edit-key to select my new key and typed "sign".

> b) can I force gnupg to sign mails so that the signature can be understood
>    by PGP2?

Sure.  I just used --clearsign to sign a file with my RSA key and pgp2
recognized it.

I see that if I use --sign and then use pgp2 to try to verify the ".gpg"
file, pgp2 can pull out the plain text but it doesn't say anything about
the signature.  I think that used to work...  I recall that --rfc1991 was
supposed to make things more compatible, but that doesn't seem to make any
difference, and neither does --armor.

- Dave Dykstra

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