My key is not rfc2440 compilant

Urko Lusa ulusa at
Wed Jun 2 02:00:06 CEST 1999


I recently upgraded to 0.9.7 fron version 0.4.2. I have a key id 2EB479B3
which was created with version 0.2.? some time ago. When I try to export
it I get the following error:

$ gpg -a --export ulusa
gpg: key 2EB479B3: not a rfc2440 key - skipped
gpg: WARNING: nothing exported

I can export it with --export-all, which the manual says is for keys not
compatible with OpenPGP.

How can I make my key compatible with such standar? Do I have to create a
new key?

Thank you.

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