My key is not rfc2440 compilant

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jun 2 10:43:41 CEST 1999

Urko Lusa <ulusa at> writes:

> $ gpg -a --export ulusa
> gpg: key 2EB479B3: not a rfc2440 key - skipped
> gpg: WARNING: nothing exported
> I can export it with --export-all, which the manual says is for keys not
> compatible with OpenPGP.

This is a ElGamal key usable for encryption and signing which is okay
for OpenPGP but PGP does not understand it.  The other problem with
this key, is that it is in a v3 packet which is not allowed by OpenPGP
- I initially used this extension of the pgp 2 format becuase I didn't
know about the OpenPGP thing.

> How can I make my key compatible with such standar? Do I have to create a
> new key?

I have dropped my key.  I suggest that you create a new one but keep
the old one in case someone uses this key (I'll keep the support for
these in GnuPG).  It should be possible to turn this key into a subkey
of a newer one but I have not tested whether it works and there is no
tool to do this.

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