A couple of questions

Crowder, Brian BCrowder at origin.ea.com
Fri Jun 11 12:49:04 CEST 1999

I'm interested in using parts of libcipher in a project I'm working on, but
I have a few questions, first, what is the simplest way to remove un-needed
encryption algorithms from the final binary (for size reasons); I only want
ElGamal and Blowfish for this application.

Second, the "HACKING" document in gnupg-0.9.7 describes the interfaces for
everything BUT public-key encryption very nicely.  Is there some
documentation of the public-key interfaces?  If not, can someone point me to
a good place to look for code to learn from?  Something along the lines of
the symmetric description would be extremely helpful there, in particular
regarding key generation.

Sorry I'm pretty clueless, I've read as much as I can, and browsed a lot of
source, but I've not done any encryption programming before, so it's very
new to me.

Thanks for your time,
   Brian Crowder

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