Little configure glitch on FreeBSD

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jun 15 11:50:42 CEST 1999

Gunther Schadow <schadow at> writes:

> and here goes the little patch.  Please do not do your work
> exclusively for OpenBSD, if not otherwise known, all *BSDs work

It is just that I fix it when I get bug reports from one system and 
due to the different status of ELF implementaion I am a little bit

> *** configure~  Sun May 23 13:00:44 1999
> --- configure   Thu Jun 10 18:54:39 1999

As the first line of configure say: Don't hack this file.  The right
place was acinclude.m4.

The process is like this: --(autoconf)-----------------+
acinclude.m4 --(aclocal)---> aclocal.m4 --+-> configure

Anyway, I hope I fixed it and it will not break some other *bsd.

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