Question about PGP 5/6.* and GNUPG compatibility

Soren Dayton csdayton at
Sun Jun 27 13:39:29 CEST 1999


I'm trying to evaluate whether to use PGP or GPG, with the constraint
that we have to be able to trade email with Windows and Mac PGP 5 and 6
users (corporate types) more than anyone else.   

So far, it appears that these are mostly compatible, but also that there
are still (may still be?) some outstanding bugs in GPG and that the code
is young, and hasn't been exposed to much of a beating.  This is not
critical in any way.  Indeed, all of this looks really excellent and it
looks like the biggest problem with GnuPG has more to do with PGP (for
example, the twofish thing and more general non-compliance).

Does this seem like a reasonable assessment?  Or am I only seeing the
occasional bugs on the mailing lists, when everyone else blissfully
interoperates every day? :)  Is there any sense of how frequent these

Thank you very much for any comments.

Soren Dayton

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