Installation problem (sed?)

Koichi Inoue kinoue at
Mon Mar 15 18:51:10 CET 1999

Hi listers,

  I found a problem in installation of gpg to solaris 2.6 system.
In my setting, /usr/bin is former than /usr/local/bin in path setting
of root.
When I attempted to `make install', libtool script failed to find
$thisdir variable. When I found it uses /usr/bin/sed so I specified
/usr/local/bin/sed in the script and installation went smoothly.
The sed in /usr/local/bin was GNU sed.
Some attempts to search the right sed (GNU sed?) in the system may
required in configuration process or in libtool script.
(Though I have no idea what to do this.)

Best regards.

                   Koichi Inoue    Ricoh co. ltd.
		   Information and Communication R&D Center
                   e-mail: kinoue at

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