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Richard Lynch lynch at
Sat Mar 20 00:32:53 CET 1999

At 11:30 AM 2/4/99, Werner Koch wrote:
>Richard Lynch <lynch at> writes:
>> Is there a gnupg logo?

Okay, I can't draw for s#%@, but have a decent idea.  I'll try to describe
it, and maybe somebody can realize it:

The three letters, lowercase, gpg.
Raise the p up, and extend the 'tails' of all three letters.
Then, somehow, make it look like an old-fashioned key.
You know, the kind with a three-circle top, a barrel/tube body, and a three
pronged-end like you find in really old houses...

I'll try to create it, I guess, unless somebody else can actually take what
I say above and make sense of it...

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