Re-using GnuPG code

Hans Petter Jansson hpj at
Sat Mar 27 20:45:19 CET 1999

I'm working on an abstraction layer library, and now that I need to
incorporate encryption, I was thinking about using some of the GnuPG code,
since the work is already done here. The library is to be announced within two
months, and will be GPLed.

What I wanted to ask is, can anyone give me hints or pointers into the code,
to make the transfer as simple and clean as possible? I'm interested in
extracting the core functions, for key generation, en- and decryption.

I also noticed that a library for public key encryption was mentioned on the
GNU task list. Is anyone working on this? If not, my abstraction can be
transferred directly to such a library also.

If I've missed some better option, please tell me.

Hans Petter Jansson
hpj at

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