The last mail ...

Werner Koch
Fri May 7 19:38:18 CEST 1999

... from this site ;-)

We are going to switch from  to

(or if you like, use ).

I have moved all subscribers from the old list to the new one so the
only action left for you is to update your procmail recipe.  This is
SmartList based and you can unsubscribe by sending the word
"unsubscribe" in the subject to

Many thanks to Martin Hamilton for hosting this ML.  It was really
a great help.  Thanks Martin.

The new mailing list is hosted at HSP in D=FCsseldorf and I have to=20
thank Susanne and Oliver for providing this service and the bandwidth. =20

I snarfed the Debian scripts and polluted the IP addressspace with just
another number to setup :-) =20


Werner Koch at            keyid 621CC013

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