GnuPG, error compiling

Werner Koch wk at
Fri May 7 18:22:00 CEST 1999

[ I feel so free to redirect it to the ML, just in case someone else
has these problems - hope this is okay ]

Bengt Kleberg <bengt at> writes:

> In case you are interested:
> ; uname -a
> OpenBSD b1 2.4 GENERIC#56 i386
> mpih-mul.c:415: Undefined symbol `_mpihelp_mul_1' referenced from text segment
> mpih-mul.c:430: Undefined symbol `_mpihelp_addmul_1' referenced from text segment

There is some problem with the underscore detection.  Try to change
undef WITH_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE in config.h by hand.

> And, yes: gnupg-0.9.5.tar.gz

Ooops, I think I fixed it in 0.9.6  - Can you pleas etry this version.

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