Compiling on DEC Alpha (was: subscribe

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 12 10:24:45 CET 1999

"Pit ." <pit_37 at> writes:

> im finally able to compile v.1.0 on my DEC ALPHA running Digital Unix 4.0d. 
> ive even gone so far as to install egd. however, whenever i try to do 
> anything, including generating a key or running "make check" i get 20 of 23 
> tests failed and multiple "Blowfish selftest failed (1)."

It runs fine on a ALPHA using GNU/Linux and gcc (3 or 4 different
versions).  So I guess that there is some problem with the
optimization.  Please try to disable optimization at all (CFLAGS="..."
./configure ....).

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