Drift between libgmp and gpg's version

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Oct 4 21:04:22 CEST 1999

Stainless Steel Rat <ratinox at peorth.gweep.net> writes:

> FSF owns gmp... but I do not know if they own *your* patches.  That is the
> problem.  RMS will not allow distribution of anything that has not been
> legally signed over to the FSF.

I browsed the Debian pacthes today and didn't fpund any relevant thing
for GnuPG; the main chnages are:

  o Support for PIC generation (I PPC only) - have to check this for
  o Small modifications for ARM - does anybody use GnuPG on an ARM
  o Sparc performance things (configure only) but I think I already
    have them in (I once compared the SSH version of GNP with the 
    stock GNU one).

All the changes are just a few lines.  And I didn't noticed anything 
about MIPS fixes (where we have a problem somewhere).  However I
didn't checked the Torbjorn's patches.

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