Did something break mailcrypt?

Soren Dayton dayton at overx.com
Wed Sep 1 02:58:12 CEST 1999

I'm using XEmacs 21.1 (patch 6) "Big Bend" and mailcrypt 3.5b7, and I
recently upgraded to gnupg 0.9.10 from 0.9.8 and I've found that
mailcrypt just doesn't work anymore. (checked that it wasn't a
mailcrypt/emacs problem by returning to the previous version of gpg,
which worked.

mailcrypt reports immediately that my passphrase is no good, before
I've typed one in.  Glancing at the mailcrypt code, it seems that it
determines this by the return value of gpg, which is not documented in 
the manpage (hmmm.  Nice hidden dependency there...)

Is this expected or should this have been expected?  If no, what sorts 
of information would be useful for debugging?


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