Alpha Version for Win32

dnl dnl at
Fri Sep 24 11:47:01 CEST 1999


Continuing testing the Win32 GnuPG : 

- End of lines : when you extract a key in ASCII format, the end of lines
are OK.
But when you *clearsig* an ANSI text file (the Windows text format), the
end of the comment "Hash: SHA1" and the end of the first line of text seem
to be in Unix format (linefeed) instead of Win32 format (carriage return +
linefeed), and same thing for the last lines after "Begin PGP signature". 

In fact, there is no word wrap at all... Is it normal, or is there an
option I forgot or a flag in the configuration file ? The word wrap by
default would be better, I think.

And I have 2 suggestions :

- When you export a public key, it would be cool to have the ASCII armure
version by default without specifiying the -a option. Only for the export
public key, of course, not for all functions. 
FYI, PGP 6.5.1 Command-line for Win32 creates with the command pgp -kx one
*.pgp file by default, but this file is in ASCII format.

- The comment: "For info see" in the asc files stays
in english with the french language file. Perhaps the configuration file
can fix that ?


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