Another minor nit

Paul D. Smith pausmith at
Fri Sep 24 15:09:19 CEST 1999

I always build GNU (autoconf) programs in remote directories (using
../configure etc.) since I build for five or six platforms.

When I ran make I got this error:

 Making all in gph
 make[3]: Entering directory `/global/.builds/psmith/gnupg-1.0.0/_sun5/doc/gph'
 ../../g10/gpg --yes --dearmor \
               -o ./signatures.jpg ../../../doc/gph/signatures.jpg.asc
 gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
 test -d manual && cp ./signatures.jpg ./manual/signatures.jpg
 make[3]: *** [signatures.jpg] Error 1

The problem is there is no doc/gph/manual directory in my remote
directory hierarchy, so the "test -d manual" fails.  In one sense it's
good because it doesn't do the copy, but the test failing makes the
script exit with a non-0 code, so the make rule fails, and the build

If this is innocuous please change the line so it doesn't exit non-0 if
the directory doesn't exist: maybe something like

 if test -d manual; then cp ./signatures.jpg ./manual/signatures.jpg fi

If it's a real problem, something in or somewhere needs to
make sure that directory is created (or have the makefile itself create


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