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Fri Sep 24 19:16:24 CEST 1999


First, if this message is being sent to the wrong place, I apologize in
advance and would appreciate being told where the correct place is.

Second note is that I have been able to compile GPG 1.0.0 on a Beos (x86)
system with only a few modifications. I would be happy to tell anyone what
they are if someone is interested. I believe the web page requested
reports of successful ports.

Finally, I have a question. Though I have been able to compile the
program, I cannot really use it since BeOS does not have a good source of
entropy (no /dev/random). The UNIX version (rndunix) does not work and egd
will not work since BeOS does not support RAW sockets. So, my question is
what is necissary to connect a hand-made entropy gatherer to GPG? I have
not written one yet, but if given some input on what constitutes such a
program, I may undertake that endevor.

Yes, I am in the US, however as an entropy gatherer has usage outside of
cryptography, I do not believe discussing this matter will violate any
local or international law IIRC.




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