GnuPG for pure DOS ?

dnl dnl at
Sun Sep 26 13:14:34 CEST 1999


GnuPG Win32 doesn't work in "pure" DOS (MSDOS, DR-DOS or FreeDOS).

The only DH/DSS PGP version for people who works with DOS or Windows 3.1
(in old laptops, palmtops, etc.) is the 5.0i ported from Unix 5.0i and
written by Georg Bauer . But it is
rumoured that the random generator is problematic in this 5.0i DOS (DOS is
not Linux...)

Is it very difficult to write a GnuPG 1.0 for DOS ?

Is there a possibility to use GnuPG Win32 in pure DOS with a special TSR ?



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