Questions about GPGME / GnuPG library

Nils Ellmenreich Nils at
Thu Dec 7 13:28:19 CET 2000

>>>"OTB" == Olaf Trygve Berglihn <olafb at> writes:

 OTB> Root is root is root is root, i.e. if you can exploit to become root,
 OTB> then you could swap the gnupg-binary, the shell-binary or
 OTB> whatever.

Not quite, gpg drops root priviledges as soon as protected memory has
been reserved. Having said that, the best way would be to have OS
support for secure memory in non-root applications ...

Regards, Nils
Nils Ellmenreich, Lst. f. Programmierung, Universitaet Passau, Germany

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