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David Woakes david at
Sun Dec 24 17:49:22 CET 2000

I've been attempting to compile GnuPG for Windows NT using the recommended 
CPD tools.  I ge the warning message 'Please note that you don't have 
secure memory on this system' which is presumable because the include file 
'sys/mman.h' and the function mmap and mlock are not in the MS C runtime 
libraries.  Why doesn't the precompiled version output this message ?

I have managed to compile using the latest Cygwin.

The reason I wanted to do this was to be able to use the environment 
variable 'GNUPGHOME' because I want to use this on a Webserver where I 
cannot write to the registry (sigh), even with Perl and cannot create 
directories using the C drive.

David Woakes
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