GnuPG Windows install routine

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at
Thu Dec 28 15:25:17 CET 2000

Hi GnuPG developers,

I am going to create a Windows installation routine
for gnupg, gpa, gpgme and a MUA plugin (yet not available)
so that even a Windows user can easily install and use(!) GnuPG
on his/her computer. All that must be as simple and
Windowish as possible to generate a high acceptance.
I will do all that for two languages, german and english,
but if my timeline gets in trouble I will stick to the
german version.

I am not a Windows developer, so I have to learn a lot
about their philosophies. However, I am already
happy when GnuPG runs OK and *looks like* embedded into
Windows - it must not necessarily be embedded in a first

I have chosen InnoSetup (
to create a setup.exe. InnoSetup is Free Software and supports
all current Windows flavours.

	It does make sense to add the GPH in html-based form.
	So I need that in english and german.

	Before finishing a installation routine on Windows
	there is usually a README file that can be viewed
	(or skipped). Which file do you recommend or should
	it be written explicitely for this purpose?
	We need this text in any language we want to have
	a Windows installer for.

	Should the HOWTO be incorporated as well? Where are
	the HTML-file archives for the HOWTOs?

	I used the binaries as prepared by Werner.

	The registry entry Software\GNU\GnuPG\HomeDir seems
	not to work. Are Windows-style paths interpreted correctly
	by gnupg?

	The registry entry for MODir does not work either.

	I have managed to compile gpa with cygnus, but executing
	gpa provokes no action/window (can stop gpa with ctrl-c cleanly).

	gpa uses GNUPGHOME instead of Registry entries ...
	that needs to be extended to harmonize gnupg and gpa.

	Werner, could provide your W32 binary on the ftp server?

I am happy for any hint or support you can provide
me on this topic.

What occured to me also:

* the pdf file for german GPH is not linked on the german page.

* it would be nice to have the GPH html-files downloadable as an archive.

* CVS/gph: there is no or scripts/
	as described on

Jan-Oliver Wagner     

Intevation GmbH	          

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