Possible bug in util/iobuf.c:iobuf_open on Solaris

Bodo Moeller bmoeller at hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de
Tue Feb 22 09:04:48 CET 2000

Adam Mitchell <adam at cafe21.org>:

> open("madrid-root.ufs.pgp", O_RDONLY) Err#79 EOVERFLOW

> bash-2.03$ gpg madrid-root.ufs.pgp 
> gpg: Warning: using insecure memory!
> gpg: can't open `madrid-root.ufs.pgp'

> bash-2.03$ ls -l madrid-root.ufs.pgp 
> -rw-r--r--   1 root     other    3039360985 Feb 21 20:01
> madrid-root.ufs.pgp

Try "gpg < madrid-root.ufs.pgp > whatever" so that gpg will not have
to open the file.  For accessing large files in 32-bit programs,
Solaris has a proprietary set of function calls (open64, access64
etc.); I think it should work with I/O redirection because then
for gpg it's just like being used in a pipe.

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