Possible bug in util/iobuf.c:iobuf_open on Solaris

Matthias Urlichs smurf at noris.net
Tue Feb 22 10:19:31 CET 2000


Bodo Moeller:
> Try "gpg < madrid-root.ufs.pgp > whatever" so that gpg will not have
> to open the file.  For accessing large files in 32-bit programs,
> Solaris has a proprietary set of function calls (open64, access64
It's not proprietary, it's standardized. GNU libc does the same thing.

Ideally, gpg should be compiled with large-file support. Under GNU libc,
is sufficient; I don't know the flag set for the Solaris headers. You
might have to do some cleanup, since obviously loff_t will not be a
32-bit type any more.

> etc.); I think it should work with I/O redirection because then
> for gpg it's just like being used in a pipe.
If it's implemented correctly in the Solaris kernel, it _won't_ work.

That's intentional. Heated discussions have been taken place between the
"make it work, and don't care if some tools fail" and the "we have to do
this the safe way" people. The latter camp won.

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