Building on WNT, using with Netscape, Outlook Express and other S MTP/POP-3

Blackwood, Rod rod.blackwood at
Mon Jan 10 17:23:39 CET 2000


I have the 1.0.0 sources and I would like to build them under WNT 4.0 using
VC++ 6.0
and then use GnuPG with various SMTP/POP-3 mailers
including Netscape, Outlook Express and an application of our own.

There don't appear to be any build instructions for WNT in the 1.0.0 kit.

If anyone has build instructions for 1.0.0 under WNT
or any notes on how to integrate GnuPG with Netscape, Outlook Express, etc,
please mail me.

all the best,


Rod Blackwood
LIFESPAN Development Manager,
Software Tools Group,
British Aerospace Defence Systems,
1 Atlantic Quay,
G2 8JE

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