UID of secret key gone (OT)

Jörg Ziefle joerg.ziefle at studbox.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Jan 20 10:59:10 CET 2000


My apologies if this is OT, but I am quite desperate 'bout the problem and
no one at gnupg-users could help me. So here we go:

After accidentially copying pubring.pgp~ over pubring.pgp (which had other
user ids the original didn't have), I had to discover that my GPG secret
key had lost it's User ID (so that I can't sign with it in most

joerg at norad:~/.gnupg > gpg --list-secret-key
sec  1024D/68FBD67F 2000-01-18 
ssb  1024g/CB70CD4D 2000-01-18

However the public key has still its UID:

pub  1024D/68FBD67F 2000-01-18 Joerg Ziefle <joerg.ziefle at gmx.de>
sub  1024g/CB70CD4D 2000-01-18

Is there a way to recover the secret key, that means to edit the secret
key to get back its User ID?

Many thanks in advance,


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