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Joseph WENNINGER jowenn at
Sun Jul 23 14:25:47 CEST 2000


I'm new to this list, so a I hope this hasn't been asked to often.

I'm expiriencing severe problems with gnupg 1.0.2 win32 (precompiled).
If I use it as a pipe for instance it only works on out of ten tries, and it
crashes about on out of fifteen tries.

commandline: echo "Das ist ein Test" | gpg -e -rtest -o- |gpg -d -o-
or :echo "Das ist ein Test" | gpg -e -rtest --textmode -o-
|gpg --textmode -d -o-

Where can I get a source version for win32 or a configure script that works
with cygwin or something else ?

Has someone else expirienced such a problem ? I tried it on Win2K,WinNT4 and
I need gnupg as a filter for an application and the system and this
application need to run on Win98.

Thanks in advance


jowenn at
j.wenninger at

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