Info about gpg API

Filippo Portera filippo at
Thu Jul 27 16:28:06 CEST 2000

Hello folks,
as I said while submitting you some Purify sessions of gnuPG 1.0.2, here
RIPE NCC - Amsterdam we are devolping a gpg API for our new whois
Basically, our db is feeded with incoming objects (that we receive via
and if a public key authentication scheme shoul be applied, the
preprocessing logic
will call gpg.
At present this is done with some C function that forks and execvp a gpg

We are thinking about a strict C API to accomplish this task, avoiding
forking and
avoiding access to file system objects (working with memory buffer,
Does anybody of you know any project of this kind?
Our concerns are about having to modify and maintain our version of
gnuPG and
some difficulties on following the official gnuPG development.

I was thinking about having functions libraries, with something like:

importKey(const char *key, const char* keyring)
verifySignature(const char *msg, const char *detached_sign=NULL)

Thanks in advance for your help and best regards,


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