OS/2 Port

Michael Reinsch mr at uue.org
Tue Jun 13 00:58:37 CEST 2000


I'm new on this mailinglist. I want to port GnuPG to OS/2. I've already 
checked out the 1.1.0a from the CVS and it now compiles ok. I only had to 
change configure.in (add AC_EXEEXT) and run configure with --disable-asm. 
Great work!

6 checks fail at the moment: encryptp.test, detach.test, armencryptp.test, 
armdetach.test, armdetachm.test and detachm.test. Rest seems to be ok. I 
hadn't time to do any further investigations.

Now I've some questions: :)

- Do you have any schedule for the 1.1.0 release?
- Is there a good random number generator out there? (gpg is currently using 
an insecure generator).


  Michael Reinsch <mr at uue.org>                       http://mr.uue.org

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