disable_core_dumps() and -q

Sam Roberts sroberts at uniserve.com
Sun Mar 26 15:23:15 CEST 2000

 disable_core_dumps() appears to want to honor opt.quiet, and not whine if
 --quiet was specified, but at least the first call doesn't.
 It's called before options are parsed, currently, so even gpg --help
 gives the warning. Would it be ok to move it's call to after options
 are parsed? It doesn't look to be a security problem, since no passwords
 are read in during options parsing, and the options are visible from
 ps listings anyhow (at least to those with permissions to see your
 core files, I'd guess).
 It's quite annoying to me, and I can just chop the warning out, but...
 Sam Roberts, sroberts at uniserve dot com, www.emyr.net/Sam

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