Solaris random device

Nils Ellmenreich Nils at
Thu May 11 10:53:28 CEST 2000

>>>"LH" == Lars Hecking <lhecking at> writes:

 LH>  After openssh failed when I upgraded to Solaris 8, I was looking for an
 LH>  alternative to egd and found Andreas Maier's random device for Solaris
 LH>  ( It seems to work quite nicely with
 LH>  openssl/openssh. I can generate keys, make connections, no problem.

I don't know about Andi Maier's device, but egd has been updated to work
with Solaris 8. Get the egd-0.7 distribution and replace by  Unfortunately, Brian didn't
annnounce that fix. Egd 1.46 works fine on my Solaris 8 host for several
weeks by now.

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