external keystore option?

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Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 10:58:59 +0200
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Subject: external keystore option?
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  Are there any plans for or opinions on the possibility of separating 
out the sensitive key management operations in gnupg (along the lines
of ssh-agent for ssh)? I had a dig through the archives (a while ago), 
and recall seeing the subject come up once, but with no definitive

  I would like to see such functionality in gnupg; there are certain
situations (such as Debian package creation) where a flexible policy
engine would save a fair bit of passphrase retyping.

  My reason for asking is not purely academic; I recently published
keymgr, an application designed to serve this purpose, whose only real 
claims to fame at present are a pretense to modularity and enough
functionality to allow one to keep one's ssh keys on a Java ring.

  I've cobbled together enough code fragments to probably allow it to
fake the desired effect by using a wrapper for gpg along with
--passphrase-fd option (and obviously tracking passphrases in keymgr),
but it's something of a suboptimal solution.


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