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I'm forwarding you a message I recently posted on the pgp-user's 
mailing list ( .

I'm curious to know if you are considering adding any additional AES 
candidates to gnupg.



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 22:45:31 -0400
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At 8:49 PM -0400 2000/5/20, Tom McCune wrote:

>I found the following at:
>>Cryptographic Algorithms Supported
>>                       Public key algorithms: Diffie-Hellman/DSS, RSA
>>                       with up to 4096-bit key lengths

nothing new here unless 4096 applies to RSA as well.
>>                       Symmetric algorithms: CAST (128-bit), 3DES
>>                       (168-bit), IDEA (128-bit), Twofish (256-bit)

twofish is new...but it hasn't won the AES competition. Can the 
Rijndael cipher be added too?

I believe that the other AES finalists should also be included.
It would make good sense to at least keep the others in mind in case 
Twofish doesn't win. After all, it would be nice if PGP v.7 could 
have the AES winning candidate.

For what it's worth.. At our Toronto May cypherpunks meeting, it was 
mentioned at that the  Rijndael cipher was well looked upon, and a 
favorite of many at the april AES conference. As it's invented by a 
group in Belgium it will be interesting to see how it plays 
politically in the selections process. After all can the americans 
seriously consider to accept and deploy something made outside the 
USA (NIH - not invented here, not good)

>Any other news that can be shared on related changes would be appreciated.

Some references:

Video Report of The May cypherpunks meeting in Toronto (Canada)

AES Round two
AES Round two analysis

AES Second Round Implementation Experience

The block cipher Rijndael


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