Making a gpg library

Michael Still mikal at
Wed Nov 8 10:44:51 CET 2000

On 7 Nov 2000, Olaf Trygve Berglihn wrote:

> For what preformance is concerned, yes it seems like it is efficient
> code, but I find it rather hard to interface with. I really think it
> is time someone helped Mr. Koch out on how to modularize gnupg, so
> that he can engage in cleaning up independent parts of the code.

I have been playing with implementing an API for GPG as a library by
building some patches to the GPG code. I haven't announced it because it
was being done as a University assignment and I wasn't confident that it
would ever result in working code.

If people promise not to make too much fun of it, then feel free to have a
look at my assignment submission at

Basically all I have implemented is the changes needed to decrypt inside
my own code by calling the relevant parts of the GPG code.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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