Beecrypt (was: Re: Making a gpg library)

Olaf Trygve Berglihn olafb at
Wed Nov 8 15:18:35 CET 2000

Frank Tobin <ftobin at> writes:

> Remember GnuPG is more than set of cryptographic calls.  It is an
> implementation of the OpenPGP RFC (2440).  The full functionality of GnuPG
> may be difficult to work into a simple library.  For example, consider
> things GnuPG does such as working with the web of trust, and "unique"
> things such as locking memory (would you want to write your entire program
> being setuid-root just so you can lock memeory?).
> You may be able to implement certain basic functions of OpenPGP
> implementations, such as simply signing or encrypting a message.  But a
> full OpenPGP implementation should really do much more.

Sure, I'm aware of that. It was merely a "BTW", and I believe it is
better to try to rewrite/wrap some of the higher level gnupg-code than
reinplementing the whole thing with openssl or beecrypt.

Olaf Trygve Berglihn <olafb at>

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